Game-related mailing list

Another shameless plug aimed for the Finnish readers:

If you haven’t done so already, join Pelilista, which is basically the Finnish version of the almighty Spielfrieks, which is the best and most useful mailing list I’m on.

Pelilista isn’t nearly as good or useful, but hey, there’s about 1000 Spielfrieks and about 30 Pelilista members… I started Pelilista almost a year ago and it’s still a bit quiet. There aren’t simply enough proactive, posting members to keep up constant conversation. So, if you read and write Finnish and like games (excluding video games), subscribe and participate!

I think I’m going to make some flyers to distribute in HelCon, to promote both Pelilista and my game content. I’d love to get some more subscribers on the list, and few extra visitors on the website wouldn’t be bad at all. I get tons of visits from Google, I’m very highly ranked there but unfortunately very small part of those visitors actually read the site — they see “Games, click that, then realize that my site isn’t about computer games.

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