Gamer profile system moves on

Another day at work coming to an end and some more work done on the project (my job is mostly waiting for someone to call me and ask me to help them — happens maybe once every two days or so). It’s starting to shape up. And the project has attracted some interest (as you all can see using the TrackBack function).

First, I got this great idea: Aaron has the game list available also sorted by the rank on Top 100 list. If I use that list, most popular games will appear first and will be rated faster. Also, as mentioned in the comments, seven-step scale is probably the best.

I’ve done most of the basic functionality now: registering new users, game rating, password reminder system and basic matching. Now I’m basically tidying everything up and adding more functionality. And of course, ratings are needed. I think it’s probably safe to start rating, if you wish. After all, the seven-step scale is definitely the one I’ll be using and the categories are good too. Of course, there’s some work to be done on the descriptions, but 7 is a 7, no matter how it’s described.

So, if you’re interested, go to the editing page, get an username and a password and start rating. If you can figure the system out without any help, that’s great. If you can’t, ask me, here or by e-mail.

Quick descriptions of the non-obvious categories (these will be shown on the site too, as soon as I get them there):

Fun: how fun/serious and richly themed/dry the game is. If the game is dead serious but richly themed, the seriousness is more important. For example, Go and most other abstract games are on the low end, fun games like Chez Geek or many Cheapass Games are on the high end.

Skill: how easy the game is to understand. Go is on the high end, Carcassonne in the low end.

Interaction: how much players’ actions affect other players. It’s not necessarily only negotiation or trading, but those are good examples of high interaction. Bohnanza and Diplomacy are high interaction games.

So, have fun rating games, and please, give me feedback about the system.

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