HelCon — 26.-27.10.2002

All Finnish readers, make sure you’re coming to HelCon, a board game event organised by Finnish Diplomacy Association and Safe Haven. It’s in Helsinki 26.-27.10.2002 (for more details, see the web site and/or ask Tommy). Tournaments include Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Magic: The Gathering PTQ, and other board games are played non-stop.

Of course, I’ll be there as well (I’m indirectly connected, I’m the secretary of the FDA). I don’t think I’ll participate in the tournaments, but I know I will be playing Die Macher on Saturday.

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6 responses to “HelCon — 26.-27.10.2002”

  1. Tempting. I’ve played Diplomacy once and managed to like it even if I suffered a humiliating loss.
    Do you happen to know if anyone around the boardgame -enthusiasts has a copy of Wizard Kings (by Columbia Games)? Because I have, but I’ve only tested it once and briefly.

  2. Diplomacy — the most entertaining humiliation you’re going to face?
    I haven’t heard anyone talk about Wizard Kings (looks semi-interesting, if it’s quick to play), but that doesn’t mean anything. I seem to remember you’re on Pelilista, perhaps you should ask there. You should be able to find an opponent at HelCon… If it’s a major game and you’re definitely coming and playing, I can add it on the event web site.

  3. Well — yeah. With my lack of tactical genius, I’ll have to get my entertaining from where ever it’s possible. Most often that comes from failing spectaculary.
    Wizard Kings is fast-paced and easy game — the tactical depth isn’t too great but then again, it’s more suited for fast & fun -games than long-term headscratching. Haven’t tried it with exotic armies (there was quite a variety of them when I last checked), though.
    And no, I haven’t been on Pelilista — I’m probably better known from roleplaying stuff. If my memory serves me right, I wrote something about Wizard Kings to Magus.
    Have to see if the HelCon weekend is still free and available. That depends if one fellow gamemaster decides to run his game on that weekend or not.

  4. I’m mostly happy to GM PBEM Diplomacy, I haven’t played in a long while. It’s been over year from my last game over board, I think. Which is very good for my mental health — I used to take stabs a bit too seriously. Diplomacy isn’t for everybody; I trust people too easily, and then get disappointed. That isn’t fun.
    But hopefully I’ll see you too at the HelCon. More boardgamers = we’re less overrun by MtG people = more fun.

  5. Come to think of it, one of my ex-workmates used to play PBEM Diplomacy as well (Killer, if you know the fellow). And when it comes to backstabbing, I’m far too trustworthy as well. But then again, betraying me ensures that I devote all my attention to terminating the responsible parties. 😉
    MtG-players? Eeek.

  6. Same here. You can stab me once. You can stab me second time. But one thing is sure: after that, you’d be lucky if I say a word to you. After that, I’ll dedicate the rest of the game to hunt you down. Which usually leads to my destruction.
    My most satisfying Diplomacy experience was a game, where I allied with my neighbour and the alliance lasted until we had no other way to go but to fight each other — and in the end, it was so even, we ended the game as a draw. It was a perfect game.
    Yeah, unfortunately there’ll be Magic Pro Tour Qualifier at the event. However, the Magic players will help to make sure the event isn’t too expensive. So think of it as a necessary evil. We’ll probably be able to hide them in different room, too.