Mystery order

I went and ordered Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper from Leisure Games. I’ve wanted it for long, but finally got around to actually buy it. I could’ve ordered it from Fantasiapelit, but I didn’t. Compare this: the game costs about 12 euros at Leisure Games and about 14 euros at Fantasiapelit. If I lived in Helsinki, I’d march into Fantasiapelit and buy it (they have a branch here, as well, but they don’t seem to be able to get stuff from the Helsinki main store).

The postage costs from Leisure Games (UK) to Tampere (Finland) are 1.60 pounds. The postage costs from Helsinki (Finland) to Tampere (Finland) are 9 euros… Ok, the prices are really not comparable (credit card vs cash on delivery), but still — the total price is, and I’m definitely buying the cheaper one. Especially as Leisure Games will probably deliver the game to me in few days. Fantasiapelit would probably take few weeks…

So, anyway, I’m looking forward to getting the game. I’m interested in Jack the Ripper myth (mostly because of From Hell comics), as is Johanna.

But, now, food — a very lovely mixture of macaroni, minced meat, tomato puré and ketchup. Almost tasty but rather cheap.

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