Finstere Flure

I wrote a a review of Finstere Flure.

Finstere Flure is a very good game. The escape from the monster-infested dungeon of Fürst Fieso is simple, but exciting fun for two to seven players — and what’s best, the game really works with the whole range! The best number of players is, however, four to five or six.

The game is very easy to learn and to play, but offers excitement and even some tactical depth. The graphics are very good and the DIY-monster kit is a brilliant idea. Finstere Flure looks much better than Funkenschlag, for example.

Finstere Flure can be recommended to just about everyone. It’s easy enough for less-dedicated gamers and children and fun enough for more dedicated gamers to enjoy as well. It’s exciting and full of tension (“I’ll survive, if the monster only moves seven steps…” is a typical situation).

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