This Finnish review of Touché has been up for a while. Well, better later than never…

Touché is a simple game, where players are trying to form patterns on the board. Each round is play a card, draw a card, until someone forms a pattern. All pieces except those on the pattern are removed and a new round begins. This continues until someone makes three patterns.

The game uses a double deck of standard playing card, with each card symbol appearing twice on the board. I find that solution fairly boring; it certainly brings the game closer to average consumers, but still, it’s quite uninspired.

Of course, that fits well with the rest of the game. There are some decisions in the game, after all players have five cards in their hands, but they are of the simplest kind. See if you can form a pattern. See if you can advance a pattern. See if you can block someone else’s pattern. Play a random card if nothing else works.

If you’re looking for a way to spend time without exercising your brains, Touché is as good as anything else. If you want a challenge, there’s none included.

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