Second book!

Today’s mail brought me a publishing contract to sign: I’m writing another book! Well, I’m already 75 pages in, so getting the contract was a bit of a relief… My topic is, as some of you might’ve already guessed, traditional (and less traditional) card games. I’m covering both history of the games and the cards, describing different kinds of cards and games, explaining rules to interesting and different games and, unlike most other card game books, I’m also going to cover commercial card games from Uno to Magic: The Gathering.

So, this’ll make me a proper author. I’m expected to hand over the manuscript at some point during 2008 — the contract is pleasantly vague about it — but I’d expect to get it done by early next year, so hopefully the book’ll be out in Spring. That’d be nice.

Oh, and today’s mail also included a copy of Sid Sackson’s A Gamut of Games, which I got from BookMooch — that was a nice catch.

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