Just 4 Fun

A review in Finnish of Just 4 Fun.

Just 4 Fun box

Just 4 Fun by Jürgen P. Grunau is a spin on classic Connect 4. Players try to create a line of their tokens on the board by playing cards whose sum matches a square on the board. It takes quite a bit of counting to get through this game! There can be multiple tokens on each square: majority wins the square, and if you get two more than anybody else, you can lock the square for you. Get four in line and you win.

The idea is super bland, as is the game art. I mean, given a description of the game, one would easily think that the game just cannot be good. To be honest, it isn’t, but it isn’t bad either. Actually, I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed it, and some of the comments on Geek seem to echo my feelings: this game can actually be fun.

Still, my recommendation for gamers is simple: avoid. There’s nothing for you here. If you’re, however, looking for a game that’s dead simple and don’t mind the maths (or even actively look something educational), Just 4 Fun might be the game for you. Even still, there are better games around.

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