Finnish Players’ Picks 2008

Oops, looks like I forgot to publish the Finnish Players’ Picks results for 2008. Well, better late than never! To see the top 28, see Finnish Players’ Picks 2008 GeekList. For complete list (in Finnish, but the data speaks math), see the official results page. You might also be interested in the collected results for 2003-2008 (yes, I’ve been doing this voting that long!).

Few helpful tips: “Sija” is “rank, “Äänet” means “votes” and “Peli” is “game”.

The winner? Do you need to ask? Finland is no island in the board game world. We, too, love Agricola a lot, and are not afraid of the German language. Race for the Galaxy ended up two votes behind and could’ve been a winner, but after that, there was a gap of 13 votes before the next game.

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