One game per BGG page

Michael Debije listed his favourite games, one per BGG page, on BGG: A Curmudgeon chooses one game per page… going deep. A friend made his own list on a forum, prompting me to make mine.

It’s simple: browse the BGG ranking list and pick one game from each page. Here’s my list:

1-100: A Feast for Odin
101-200: Magic: The Gathering
201-300: Monikers
301-400: Innovation
401-500: 1846: Race to the Midwest
501-600: Wabash Cannonball
601-700: Shards of Infinity
701-800: Caverna: Cave vs Cave
801-900: Mahjong
901-1000: Web of Power
1001-1100: Linko!
1101-1200: Sticheln
1201-1300: Dale of Merchants 2
1301-1400: Merkator
1401-1500: Antike II
1501-1600: Oregon
1601-1700: 1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight
1701-1800: L.L.A.M.A.
1801-1900: SNCF
1901-2000: Krass Kariert
2001-2100: Samarkand: Routes to Riches
2101-2200: On the Underground: London/Berlin
2201-2300: Epic Card Game
2301-2400: Gang of Four
2401-2500: The City

I only went through the first 25 pages. I could go on: page 90 was the first page where I didn’t have any rated games. The quality of the games wasn’t great at that point.

This was a fun little exercise. The best game was obvious on many pages, and the choice was easy. In some cases, I would’ve wanted to pick two games. I find the list I got fairly representative of the games I like.

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