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  • Catch-up: Resistance, Age of Steam, Arkadia

    Last Wednesday was a nice day of games. Some Die Dolmengötter, a quick and brutal Innovation and first go at The Resistance, the new Werewolf-style game which is faster and removes the player elimination. It’s an interesting game. Players form two teams. Leader chooses a group to go on a mission. The players on the […]

  • Steamy steeds

    Played Dampfross today. It’s dated, slightly too long, but good fun nevertheless. I would like to play the game again, but I think it might be a bit difficult. Here’s Robert thinking about his final moves in the building phase. All cities are connected, so it’s time to race! I’m the red network, spreading out […]

  • Age of Steam: Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico

    Last Sunday’s board game club was an excellent opportunity to get some Age of Steam action. I had heard a tip that Winsome’s cow expansion Age of Steam: Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico is good, so that’s what we tried. I enjoyed it. The expansion has cattle. In the first round, 32 cattle cubes are […]

  • Board game club: Steel Driver, Torres

    I had a great time at today’s board game club (yeah, the baby’s still waiting for a nice day to be born — perhaps next week?). I started with quick five-player game of Formissimo, which is a simple speed test pattern recognition puzzle. Cards have images with different attributes. 30 cards are laid on the […]

  • Board game club: Dominion, Container

    Last Sunday I visited the board game club and instead of the quick visit last time, I was able to play games for few hours. We started with a quick round of Halli Galli Extreme for warm-up. It’s a nice little game, quick and entertaining. Some won’t like the extra difficulty from the animals, but […]

  • Back to New England

    I visited board game club today for a while. I had to leave early, but I did have time for a round of New England Railways. We got five players and this time, since I was carrying Age of Steam as well, we replaced the cardboard chits with actual wooden cubes. It was much better. […]

  • Finncon + Board Game Club: Steam over Holland, West Riding

    I’ve been too busy to write a session report from Finncon. Well, now I have time. I’ll combine reports, as I just returned from our board game club, where I had a rather splendid little session. So, watch out for another blog entry of epic proportions… I played Steam over Holland in both sessions, so […]

  • Board game club: Antiquity

    It’s been a while since I last visited the board game club. Bad timing and busy weekends… It was a real pleasure to go and to celebrate, I decided to play something heavier that doesn’t quite work with our Thursday evening sessions. First game of the afternoon was something lighter, though: we played Verflixxt! with […]

  • Board game club: Age of Steam, End of the Triumvirate

    It’s been a while since my last visit to the board game club. Yesterday I was able to go, and had enough time, too, to play some heavier games. We started with Age of Steam: Mississippi Steamboats, one of Ted Alspach’s expansions. It’s a long and narrow board, split by the big river. Urbanization doesn’t […]

  • Board game club: Leonardo da Vinci, Taj Mahal

    Yesterday’s board game club started with a game of Leonardo da Vinci. This one’s published in Finnish by Bit of a strange decision, it being such a gamer’s game, but I suppose Puerto Rico has sold well enough. It’s an optimization game, basically. Players use workers to gather resources and convert them into inventions. […]