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  • More Rattus and Black Friday

    So, after last week’s session, I bought Rattus and the Pied Piper expansion. This order and some other additions finally got me to 250 games owned, so now I have the silver collector geekbadge at Geek. Hooray! Now I can sell stuff again… Heh. A big auction coming up, later in the summer, so I’ll […]

  • Travel Blog, Rattus, Black Friday

    Travel Blog is a fun little geography quiz from Vlaada Chvátil. It’s not all about map knowledge, but also quick thinking. Six European countries or US states are chosen randomly each round and then one as a starting point. The goal is to choose a country that can be reached from the starting point with […]

  • Black Friday

    Last week was something else, now was the time to get Black Friday on the table. I decided — on a whim — to buy the game. It’s been on and off my shopping list, but I wanted something new (and the silver collector badge in Geek), so I got it. After the first game […]