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  • Two months of games

    Hello there! I thought I’d post an update before Ropecon starts. I’m going, again. Should be fun, this time I’ll stay for the night and won’t spend all my time playing one 18xx game. Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in June and July. Again, a small reminder: this blog has a G+ profile, which […]

  • Ropecon 2011

    I’ve been avoiding Ropecon for the last ten years or so, but since I missed both JunaCon and JyCon — both more interesting cons for various reasons — I decided to go for Ropecon this year. It’d be a day trip to Espoo, meaning two hours or so of driving both ways and about eight […]

  • Acquire

    Yesterday’s game session was a bit of a disappointment. I wanted to play Colorado Midland, as I’d just picked up the Winsome Essen set. Unfortunately, waiting for a while didn’t produce an extra player, so we couldn’t get a game going and had to play Sahara to spend some time in the lack of better […]