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  • Board game club: Age of Steam, End of the Triumvirate

    It’s been a while since my last visit to the board game club. Yesterday I was able to go, and had enough time, too, to play some heavier games. We started with Age of Steam: Mississippi Steamboats, one of Ted Alspach’s expansions. It’s a long and narrow board, split by the big river. Urbanization doesn’t […]

  • Zooloretto

    Review of Zooloretto in Finnish. Zooloretto is the latest game in the Coloretto family. This zoo-themed family game is based on a familiar mechanism that works so well in the small card game. This big box board game turned out be another success for Michael Schacht. A simple idea The basic idea is the same: […]

  • Zooloretto with two

    I got a review copy of Zooloretto, latest entry to the Coloretto family. It’s out now in Finnish (with Swedish, Norwegian and Danish rules included). The box was bigger than I expected, a full Kosmos-size box. Cute panda! The game isn’t a ripoff, but something quite clever. In its heart lies the basic Coloretto system: […]

  • Geschenkt

    A new review is up at my Finnish game site: Geschenkt. I’ve reached ten plays fairly quickly with this one, mostly because nobody is satisfied with just one play. It’s always hey, I got it, let’s play again — that alone is a sign of a good game. And that’s it, pretty much: Geschenkt is […]

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2004

    Ok, finally: Finnish Players’ Picks 2004 voting is over, votes have been tallied and I can announce the results: Puerto Rico wins, again. Carcassonne is second and catches up, losing only by two votes. Once again, there’s a GeekList of the top games (here’s last year’s list). The whole list can be seen at the […]

  • Board game club session

    Our board game club session yesterday started a bit slowly, with only four players present for a long time. However, that was really not a problem, because four people is quite enough to play good games and more gamers trickled in during the afternoon. My first game was a two-player match of Crokinole. It was […]

  • Lahti Board Game Weekend, Saturday

    After less-than-well slept night (maybe the real-size Space Marine helmets I slept next to haunted my sleep?) it was a new day and new games. The breakfast — eggs, bacon, french fries — was sturdy and sure to clog arteries. That’s just nice. The first game of the morning was a classic — Dragon’s Gold. […]

  • Weekend games, Sunday

    Sunday began with a game of Mamma Mia! with the kids. They’ve become fans quickly, I guess I’ll just have to keep on taking the game with me from now on. I’d also throw a guess that it’s going to appear on the next Adam Spielt order, too… Land Unter, here are the kids. Kids, […]

  • Wednesday Games, part 7: Mü, Tichu

    Another pleasant session of Wednesday games! I started with a game of Balloon Cup with Erkka, who was first to arrive. He also won that game… While we were at it, Olli and Vesa arrived. They played a game of East-West while waiting for us to finish. Olli had to leave for a while, but […]

  • Coloretto

    Finnish visitors can go read my Finnish review of Coloretto. English visitors can just read on. Coloretto is a rather nice little game. It’s a very simple game, one of those one-minute rules games. You can teach the rules in a minute and once you’ve heard them, you can throw away the rules — they […]