Tag: Cosmic Encounter

  • Dune

    I wrote a review of Dune (in Finnish). I haven’t played Dune in ages — there’s not a mention of it in this blog, for example, and I haven’t missed many sessions since I started writing. Usually if I own a game and don’t play it, there’s a reason. With Dune, the reasons are obvious. […]

  • Cosmic Pig

    More crazy stuff from the Seattle Cosmic: a variant of Cosmic Encounter, which makes the game more like the Interstellar Pig. Take a look at the Cosmic Pig. If I played Cosmic Encounter more often, that’d be something I’d love to try.

  • Interstellar Pig = Cosmic Encounter?

    Ron Hale-Evans has written a very interesting article about the Interstellar Pig in the Seattle Cosmic Wiki. Interstellar Pig is a book (mentioned here before), which features an interesting game as it’s main theme. The game, says Ron Hale-Evans, bears more than passing resemblance to Cosmic Encounter. If you’ve read the book, go read Ron’s […]