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  • Austrian Game of the Year awards

    Mik Svellov (of brilliant Brett’n’Board) announced the Austrian Spiel des Spiele awards for this year. There’s a list of award winners either at his SDS page or my GeekList. While I don’t really care about the award (it has very short history and none of the effect of Spiel des Jahres awards), there’s something quite […]

  • Party games

    Laura and Ville invited some friends at their place to play party games. The party was certainly large. I took my Cranium with me, eager to try it for the first time. Some might remember when I got it in December. Others were enthusiastic as well, so we started the game with four three-player teams. […]

  • Games keep coming in

    Last Friday I got my copies of Finstere Flure and Attika. I already played Finstere Flure with Johanna. It supports two players officially, but I thought it’d be more interesting if we both played two teams. It was good, light fun and Johanna seemed to enjoy it (though she lost; had she won the game, […]

  • Finnish Game of the Year awards 2003

    Finnish Game of the Year awards have been given. Finnish Toy Association has chosen following winners: Best children’s game is Kissa ja hiiret by Ravensburger. Best family game is Blokus and the best game for adults is Cranium. Interesting choices. I can’t say I care much about the results, though…