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  • International Gamers Awards 2004

    The winner of the International Gamers Awards is St. Petersburg. Neat. When I wrote about the nominees, I wished but didn’t expect it to win. Now the game has won both IGA and DSP awards — my taste in games is better than I thought, it seems. It is no surprise that I was correct […]

  • St. Petersburg wins DSP!

    It’s Deutscher Spiele Preis awards time. According to Mik’s DSP 2004 page, 2, 341 gamers cast their votes to determine the best game of 2004. Winner is St. Petersburg and — no surprises here — I think it’s well deserved. I can also agree with San Juan placing second. I’ve played eight games out of […]

  • Deutscher SpielePreis

    I’ve done my duty and voted for the Deutscher SpielePreis awards. My final list of five candidates were Age of Steam, Amun-Re, Coloretto, Balloon Cup and New England.

  • Letter from Germany

    Something I wanted to share with you before I leave: I got a letter today from Friedhelm Merz Verlag — the company behind the Spiel in Essen. I was quite surprised. Turns out they had sent me a voting ballot for the Deutscher SpielePreis 2003, because I voted last year. Nice. I was going to […]