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  • FinDipCon VIII

    I spent the weekend in FinDipCon VIII in Helsinki. It was a pleasant event, as they usually are, with lots of games played. The Diplomacy tournament was of course the main event: the Finnish Diplomacy champion in 2006 is Juho Malin. Another big deal was William Attia’s presentation (or discussion) about Caylus. Unfortunately I had […]

  • Diplomacy game

    Ok, so now we have Michael as the GM and he has already set up the game. Anybody wishing to join the game should first register with the DPJudge. Next step is to send e-mail to dpjudge@diplom.org, with the following content: JOIN vertigo [password] redhill SIGNOFF And that’s it.

  • Diplomacy PBeM game

    Iain wants to play Diplomacy. After a long time with no touch to Diplomacy, I’m actually interested to give it a go, too. However, finding a game isn’t that simple and it looks like we’ll have to arrange one. So, I thought the readers of this blog should include at least some people who’d like […]

  • Boardgame club session: Intrige, Geschenkt

    Erkka and Robert were first to arrive, so we kicked the session off with two games of Da Vinci Code. It’s a good game and really a good choice for the club. It’s easy to learn (even learning by reading the rules is quick and easily done), plays fast and despite being kind of lucky, […]

  • St. Petersburg on BSW

    St. Petersburg is available on Brettspielwelt. It was predictable: it’s such an obvious BSW game. I played my first game today, just to try it out. There’s no English version yet, but that’s hardly necessary as only the card names are different. The interface is fairly good, though it was hard to notice whose turn […]

  • Train game club meeting

    Our board game club met yesterday. The attendance was low, just eight people. However, a group of Diplomacy players shared the space with us and brought some life. Ticket to Ride was very much the game of the day. I had played a game with Johanna earlier, but now I got to play the game […]

  • Lahti games weekend, Saturday and Sunday

    After a badly slept night a new morning dawned. While waiting for the breakfast, I played a game of 6 Nimmt!. We played it differently, using (almost) the Terminal City Gamers variant. Instead of several rounds, we played just two, without shuffling the deck or the cards on the table between them. It was a […]

  • FinDipCon V: Friday

    I’m back from FinDipCon! It was a splendid weekend of games, even though I’m getting a bit tired of con environment. I guess I just appreciate good food and good sleep too much… Eating too little and randomly and not sleeping well (I slept a grand total of about 12 hours of mediocre sleep during […]

  • FinDipCon

    A reminder for those in Finland next weekend: it’s FinDipCon time! This year the event is held in Helsinki and features the fifth Finnish Diplomacy championship, a Blood Bowl tournament and other minor tournaments — I’m going to participate in the Web of Power tournament. And of course, lots of other games will be played […]

  • Diplomacy

    I’m playing Diplomacy again. For the last two years or so I have mostly focused on GMing and I haven’t had a real need to play the game. It just doesn’t fit my personality, I think… Well, now I’m playing again. I’ve been running games of Necromancer, which is a Diplomacy variant set in the […]