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  • Pimp: The Backhanding

    As I said earlier, I had the unfortunate opportunity to play Pimp: The Backhanding. Had I known what it was all about, I might’ve passed it, as I didn’t quite enjoy it. As a game, Pimp’s virtues are limited. I think it’s fairly typical take that -game. Nothing spectacular here; it’s not the worst game […]

  • More about inappropriate themes

    I wrote about inappropriate game themes few days ago. I’ve been thinking about it a bit, and have something more to say. I drew comparisons to books, but I think it’s not a good comparison at all. There’s a huge difference between games and books. In books, no matter how evil and disgusting the main […]

  • Inappropriate game themes

    Here’s something I wrote on Spielfrieks list in response to a discussion about inappropriate game themes. (See the start of the thread.) Daniel Karp wrote: The question is, are their subjects which are inappropriate for games under all circumstances? What does it mean if someone likes such a game, and does it matter for what […]