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  • Game weekend, part 2: Mit List und Tücke, Logistico, Kahuna, Geistertreppe

    Here’s the rest of the games of the great weekend: Mit List und Tücke was brought by Robert, who had noticed the game on my want list in the Geek. It’s a Klaus Palesch trick-taking game and not that far from Sticheln. According to Rick Heli’s Mit List und Tücke page it’s a redevelopment of […]

  • Dos Rios

    Two new reviews up on the Finnish site: Dos Rios and Trivial Pursuit. Dos Rios is a brilliant example of a tactical minmax-game action point game. Every turn is a puzzle, where you must find the best way to use the action points you’re given to maximise your own score and minimise your opponents’ scores. […]

  • Lahti board game weekend 2005

    Once again I ventured to Lahti and Peter Munter’s board game weekend. After all, I had to go and rescue my sleeping bag I had forgotten there last time. For the record, it didn’t survive: Munter’s dog (a huge Great Dane, and I’m not talking about Mik Svellov now) had eaten it’s storage bag. Munter, […]

  • Boardgame club meeting: Fifth Avenue, Finstere Flure

    The first boardgame club meeting this Fall was yesterday. It sure was great to get some gaming action going on. We had a decent showing, with about two tables going on most of the time. First game I played was Fifth Avenue. It was much better than the last time. This time even the scoring […]

  • Dos Rios

    I got Dos Rios yesterday. I’m not too keen on Franz-Benno Delonge’s work (well, TransAmerica), but Dos Rios had such a neat idea in the river system that I just wanted to try it out. I’m not expecting too much, if it’s good I’m surprised positively. I’m afraid it might be too tactical and chaotic, […]