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  • Little Golem

    I recently registered at Little Golem. It’s a play-by-web site featuring a selection of games. StreetSoccer should be of interest to some (looks like Iain tried it), I’m there mostly to play Go. The interface is inferior to my regular haunt, Dragon Go Server, but Little Golem has something Dragon still hasn’t: well-organised tournaments. Little […]

  • Go

    I got myself a new Go opponent: GNU Go with Jago user interface. I have an installation of older GNU Go on one of my Unix shell accounts, but for some reason I hadn’t thought of getting it on my home PC. Well, now I have it so I can play real 19×19 Go against […]

  • Of handicaps and silence

    My blog has been a bit silent, but it’s been a slow start for this game year. First game sessions are coming next week: I’m planning a Tichu session next Tuesday, Friday I’m going to a meeting of the Finnish Diplomacy Association board, there’ll be fun and games, then the Sunday is board game club […]