Tag: Fish Eat Fish

  • Fish Eat Fresh Fish

    In our boardgame club session back in June, I confused Robert’s copy of Fish Eat Fish with Fresh Fish. I noticed my mistake too late and we ended up playing Fish Eat Fish, which turned out to be decent but not interesting. Now if I tell you that I asked for Fresh Fish from Lautapelit.fi […]

  • Finnish Game of the Year 2004: Carcassonne

    Carcassonne wins the Finnish Game of the Year 2004 award. As we all know, Settlers of Catan didn’t make it, not even to the finals. However, it got a special mention as an interesting, new kind of game. So basically, I think that reads great game, but too complicated for the award. Finalists included Yundao, […]

  • Boardgame club session: Black Vienna, Fish Eat Fish, Dia de los Muertos

    What a perfect little boardgame club meeting! I was there under three hours, and still managed to play all the three games I wanted to play and then some! Our session started with Black Vienna, once again. And guess what — nobody was able to figure out the correct combination of criminals. Olli M. was […]