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  • Brass and Frank’s Zoo

    I’m finally starting to figure out Brass. I’ve won the last two online games I’ve played at the Order of the Hammer and Thursday I managed a second place in a local game. The guy who won was one of the better players in our group, so I can be satisfied with that result. Of […]

  • Frank’s Zoo

    I notice I have reviewed Frank’s Zoo a long time ago on my Finnish site, yet a review hasn’t appeared here. Let’s fix that. Frank’s Zoo (aka Zoff im Zoo) is a climbing game with a twist. The animal theme is obvious, considering the authors: the Frank in the title is the game designer Frank […]

  • Board game club: Edel, Stein & Reich, Bunte Runde

    Yesterday was board game club day, despite nice weather, sunshine and all. We won’t let that stop us! The turnout was good, three tables going on all the time. I got a nice bunch of people playing with me the whole afternoon with few changes. I suppose I can trust the club goes well without […]

  • Games weekend in Jyväskylä: Mhing!

    I visited Jyväskylä last weekend and played quite a few games. I had just few games with me, so the games were repeated more than usually. That’s different and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it. Lost Cities: I brought a brand-new Finnish copy of the game as a mother’s day gift and ended up […]