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  • Weekend games: St. Petersburg rocks!

    I was in Jyväskylä this weekend and it sure was an interesting weekend games-wise. I thought my mother would like San Juan, because she likes Puerto Rico but it’s a bit too deep for her. She isn’t that into devising strategies and I think kind of plays to keep me and Ismo happy — we’re […]

  • Monday Go Session

    This time we had a proper games meet. We started with two games of Huutopussi, both of which were won hands-down by Juho. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s rather superior in the game. Memorable moments of the games include yours truly missing 150 point call by one point, thus instead of […]

  • Monday session: Go, cards and piecepack

    What a sad day today. I played three games of Go against Juho and lost all of them. I played black each time and in the last game even got one handicap stone. Ah, sadness. Then Ilari came to rescue and we tried some piecepack games. First we tried Hanging Gardens. It was slightly confusing […]

  • Stones and cards

    Another Monday session. This time I played seven games of Go with Juho. In the first five games, I played white and Juho black without any handicap. For the last two games, I gave Juho white stones. I won three out of seven, so it’s official now: Juho is probably as good as I am […]