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  • Friday, day three: Games, games, games

    Here’s what happened yesterday: Today was the day! I went downstairs to use the hotel laptop to send my reports, which I did, and then headed back to the room. I glanced towards the dining room, and who did I see? Reiner Knizia, of course, and he was just leaving. As he wasn’t eating, I […]

  • GeekSpeak

    The guys at BoardGameGeek have done a radio show. You can download the mp3 from Aldie’s GeekJournal, it’s about 16 megs and 61 minutes. I wasn’t going to listen to it first, but then Iain said it was ok. I got it on my portable mp3 player and listened to it at work while I […]

  • International Gamers Awards 2004

    The winner of the International Gamers Awards is St. Petersburg. Neat. When I wrote about the nominees, I wished but didn’t expect it to win. Now the game has won both IGA and DSP awards — my taste in games is better than I thought, it seems. It is no surprise that I was correct […]

  • International Gamers Awards 2004 nominees

    It’s time for International Gamers Awards again. You can find the nominees for 2004 awards in multiplayer and two-player categories (historical simulation was awarded earlier) at the IGA nominee page or at the Geek in the IGA nominee GeekList I made. The lists are impressive and picking the winners will be difficult. I’m rooting for […]