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  • Playing-card review 4: Piacentine and Napoletane by Modiano and Dal Negro

    This time I’m taking a look at some Italian regional packs. I happen to have two copies of the Piacentine pack by different makers, which offers some comparison possibilities. Italy has 16 different regional packs, which are divided to four different styles: northern Latin suits, southern Latin suits, French suits and German suits. Both Piacentine […]

  • Visiting Italy

    We were in Italy last week. Two years ago we checked the jesters in Florence, this time I checked the background on San Marco. Well, actually we resided in Bardolino on the Lake Garda, but we made a day-trip to Venice (by the way: the anglicized names of the Italian cities really bug me… It’s […]

  • Back home

    Hi, I’m back home. Rome was splendid, I definitely recommend it. Especially if you like pizza and ice cream — last week we mostly ate pizza and the very delicious Italian ice cream. You can get really good pizza in Finland, but Finnish ice cream is nothing compared to the Italian. Of the various sights […]