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  • Gaming Year 2009

    Time for another of these yearly reports, huh (see the 2008 report). This was a fairly quiet year for games. Last year was really good, but we got the second kid this year (see Gaming impact of children)… So, from last year’s 284 plays to this year’s 130 plays and some very quiet time (just […]

  • Finnish Board Game Society Christmas Greeting

    The Finnish Board Game Society Christmas Greeting — shown here — is pretty cool. Kudos to Sampo Sikiö. The idea is obviously cool, because I used it for the Lautapeliopas 404 page (the Lautapeliopas card text says “Name a card that isn’t in your deck. If you can find the card in your deck, take […]

  • Lautapeliopas opened!

    The new version of my board game web site is now open. Lautapelaaja.net is gone, welcome Lautapeliopas, more modern — some might say Web 2.0 — version. Just about everything from the old site is present on the new and I’ve also added the contents of my board game book, updated and refreshed. I’ve also […]