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  • Antiquity

    Review of Antiquity in Finnish is available. Antiquity is a game of competing city-states. In the beginning, cities are empty and the landscape is open for all to take. As the game progresses, cities grow and new towns are founded, while the landscape is exploited and becomes a polluted mess of useless land. The question […]

  • Antike

    For me, Antike was definitely one of the brighter hits from Essen 2005. I had reordered the game, mostly tempted by the theme and having some faith in Eggert-Spiele thanks to Neuland, which was excellent. Lower price I got didn’t hurt, either. I wasn’t disappointed. While Antike isn’t the Civ Lite some people would probably […]

  • Games weekend at Tommy’s

    Last weekend was the traditional annual games weekend at Tommy’s. Third time already! Unfortunately the weekend wasn’t quite the success it set out to be, as I fell sick and had to leave. We did get an evening of games on Friday and some games on Saturday and the guys continued until evening, but from […]