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  • Mykerinos

    Played a game yesterday; here’s the review of Mykerinos in Finnish. Session report coming up! Mykerinos is the latest game from Ystari and the most recent Finnish release from Lautapelit.fi. It’s nice to see Finnish companies teaming up with foreign publishers to get games released in Finland the same time they’re published abroad. Designed by […]

  • Louis XIV

    Rüdiger Dorn’s Louis XIV started Alea’s new mid-size series. It’s not a big board game, but not a card-game either, but something in between. There’s no actual board, though there is something quite like it: a grid made of cardboard tiles, functioning as a board. The game definitely plays like a board game. Palace intrigue […]

  • Small game session: Louis XIV, Modern Art, Turbo Taxi

    I met some guys last Saturday for a small session of games. I’ll be missing the next two board game club sessions for various reasons (mostly Essen), so it was good to get some games going. We started with Turbo Taxi, as we were one player short. Well, the missing player joined us after the […]

  • Board game club: Manila, Dividends, Boomtown, Modern Art, Farfalia, Louis XIV

    We had a very good game session yesterday. It started with just me and four guys, but hey, we had a blast even if noone else joined us until much later. After clicking through an absolutely dreadful game of Crokinole with Robert, rest of the guys arrived and I got us started with Manila. It […]