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  • Manila

    Another Finnish review up: Manila. Manila is an exciting game of gambling in the black market ports of Manila. Players bet on punts that arrive bringing goods in. Unfortunately not all of them make it to the harbour and it’s up to players to bet on which punts make it and which don’t. One of […]

  • Game weekend at Tommy’s, day two

    Saturday was a full day of games, though curiously we didn’t play as many games as on Friday night. The games were longer, though. Stefu joined us for Saturday, and Tommy’s brother Miikka did a guest appearance as well. The games were disturbed by an excellent meal of braised reindeer (nope, it wasn’t Rudolph), which […]

  • Board game club: Manila, Dividends, Boomtown, Modern Art, Farfalia, Louis XIV

    We had a very good game session yesterday. It started with just me and four guys, but hey, we had a blast even if noone else joined us until much later. After clicking through an absolutely dreadful game of Crokinole with Robert, rest of the guys arrived and I got us started with Manila. It […]

  • Game weekend, part 1: Roads & Boats, Manila, Industrial Waste, Memoir ’44

    We had a really good games weekend last weekend. Tommy came over Friday afternoon with a bunch of interesting games to try. We were joined on Saturday by Manu and Robert. After dinner Manu left, but was later replaced by Tommy’s wife Laura, who also happened to be in town. Even though our flat turns […]