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  • First games of 2012

    2012 is off to a flying start. My wife has been incredibly understanding of my board game hobby and I’ve been able to spend more time playing games. Part of that is definitely the kids: they’re older now (my son is 5 and my daughter is 3 in less than two weeks), so taking care […]

  • Thursday session: Dutch InterCity, Modern Art

    As my order from Northumbria Games arrived in just two days, we started our games with Dutch InterCity. We had four players, but fifth arrived just when we were about to start. Five, then. Dutch InterCity is an older title from Winsome Games and a progenitor for the Riding series. It is somewhat similar to […]

  • Thursday session: Modern Art, Glory to Rome

    Yesterday’s games started with a three-player Modern Art with Petri and Hannu. This was our first game with the new Finnish edition. It’s gorgeous, and I’m glad to report it works well. Pretty much the only problem is the small size of the screens: they tip over and can’t cover a huge pile of money. […]

  • Year metric

    I’ve been a fan of Matthew Gray’s month metric. Now I happened unto his Every year 2007 update, focusing on the year metric. I haven’t been bothering with that, believing I wouldn’t have many high-scoring games. Well, I thought, why not — it’s a simple thing to add to my game stats package. I was […]

  • Thursday session: Catan, Modern Art

    Our Thursday sessions continue to be quiet. Well, three is enough! We started with Fairy Tale, as usual, but this game was unusual! I was doing well, I got all three of those eight-point “get two of the other suits” cards and got them fulfilled, too. Well, Sami did close down my critical cards, but […]

  • Thursday session: Ottocento, Dobbm

    After the mandatory Fairy Tale rounds (which prove that I can only win when paired up with someone), I got a group playing Ottocento or Tarocco Bolognese. The Bologne Tarot is a curious game, played with a special pack of 62 cards. The trumps are a bit different: there are, for example, four moors, which […]

  • Board game club: Edel, Stein & Reich, Bunte Runde

    Yesterday was board game club day, despite nice weather, sunshine and all. We won’t let that stop us! The turnout was good, three tables going on all the time. I got a nice bunch of people playing with me the whole afternoon with few changes. I suppose I can trust the club goes well without […]

  • Small game session: Louis XIV, Modern Art, Turbo Taxi

    I met some guys last Saturday for a small session of games. I’ll be missing the next two board game club sessions for various reasons (mostly Essen), so it was good to get some games going. We started with Turbo Taxi, as we were one player short. Well, the missing player joined us after the […]

  • Board game club: Manila, Dividends, Boomtown, Modern Art, Farfalia, Louis XIV

    We had a very good game session yesterday. It started with just me and four guys, but hey, we had a blast even if noone else joined us until much later. After clicking through an absolutely dreadful game of Crokinole with Robert, rest of the guys arrived and I got us started with Manila. It […]

  • Games from last Friday

    Last weekend I visited my good friend Tommy and we had a great weekend full of fun and games. I’m going to write session reports about the whole weekend, a day at a time because they’re going to be a bit longer — lots of new games, you see. I’ll start with Friday. I came […]