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  • Indonesia session

    I got the guys together for a game of Indonesia. My original idea was to play two games, but that was a bit too much to ask. Our game took hefty three hours and 40 minutes, so we didn’t have either time or energy to play a double match. It was still quite an interesting […]

  • Mykerinos

    Played a game yesterday; here’s the review of Mykerinos in Finnish. Session report coming up! Mykerinos is the latest game from Ystari and the most recent Finnish release from Lautapelit.fi. It’s nice to see Finnish companies teaming up with foreign publishers to get games released in Finland the same time they’re published abroad. Designed by […]

  • First comments on Mykerinos

    I got a review copy of Mykerinos today. Designed by Nicholas Oury, it’s the latest release from Ystari. My copy is the Scandinavian edition from Lautapelit.fi, which is a nice touch. Mykerinos is about archeological digs in Egypt, but basically it’s a fairly simple area majority game. Players play influence tokens on lots in Egypt, […]