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  • Quackle! (Snorta!)

    Review of Quackle! in Finnish. Snorta! — or Quackle!, as it’s known in Finland — is a light party game. The rules are very simple, the components attractive, the game works for up to eight players and it’s easy enough for kids yet interesting enough for adults to enjoy it as well. The components are […]

  • On The Spot Games

    Yesterday I got a bunch of games from On The Spot Games. All the games are designed by James Ernest and Mike Selinker, and aimed towards somewhat mass-market crowd, I’d say — they are very simple games, some definitely aimed for the party game audience, others for couples or families. I already tried Kotsuku, which […]

  • KillDog

    I was browsing Bruno Faidutti’s Ideal Game Library, when I came across KillDog (Geek entry). KillDog, named after Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs is a bluffing game. Players are gangsters fighting over a pile of loot. Each turn, four bills worth 5, 10 or 20 are turned over. Each player chooses whether they are ready […]

  • Board game club session: Spinergy, In the Shadow of the Emperor

    Saturday’s board game club session continued: Another game having some buzz about it was Spinergy. We got nine players to play it, which was nice. Spinergy is highly creative party game, where one player spins three words from a device with three word rings that can be spun. Say there’s “fly, “hay stack” and “trash”. […]

  • Cluzzle

    A while ago I got a review copy of Cluzzle, which I’ve now reviewed: review of Cluzzle. In Finnish, as usual. Cluzzle is a party game, where players sculpt riddles of clay (they’re clay puzzles or cluzzles). An ideal riddle is not too hard and not too easy. Everybody creates a cluzzle to start with […]

  • Christmas games — Karibik and Trivial Pursuit

    As the tradition goes, we played some board games during Christmas. Johanna likes relatively few games, so choosing good games can be tricky. However, this time it was easy. I had just received Karibik which seemed like a good game to play with her. Light and easy rules, some random elements and what’s perhaps most […]

  • Fish night

    Johanna was out having a party with her friends, so I took the opportunity and invited my usual posse of Robert, Olli and Ari for some games. We started with Fresh Fish which I had finally picked up earlier today. It sure was a brain-bender! We played twice and in the second game got the […]

  • Party games

    Laura and Ville invited some friends at their place to play party games. The party was certainly large. I took my Cranium with me, eager to try it for the first time. Some might remember when I got it in December. Others were enthusiastic as well, so we started the game with four three-player teams. […]