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  • Top Race, Cartel, Stone Age and so on

    Catching up again. Top Race. A Wolfgang Kramer race game from 1996, just recently released in Finland. Not a bad game to release, though, as the game’s pretty solid for a family racing fun. Players get cards that move all cars, then the six cars are auctioned and the race is driven. The better your […]

  • Hot games for Q3/2007

    It has been a good quarter. With the new Thursday sessions I’ve had time to play more games, which is always good. I even made it to the Board Game Club. Previous quarter was a good one, too. Fairy Tale is definitely the hottest game, with 13 games played and thoroughly enjoyed. It’s certainly my […]

  • Portobello Market

    Review of Portobello Market in Finnish. Portobello Market won the Hippodice game design competition as East India Railways. Schmidt picked it up, switched the theme and here we have a game set in the London’s famous market street. Lautapelit.fi was quick to publish this in Finnish. Portobello Market seems to be designed for Spiel des […]

  • Small session: Portobello Market, Der Elefant, Yspahan

    I met some guys at the university for games. We started off with Portobello Market, now with full set of four players. It’s clearly better with four than with two, that’s for sure. The one thing that defines the game is that it’s short. There just isn’t that much time, especially if you want to […]

  • First games of Portobello Market

    I’ve now played Portobello Market twice, both two-player games with Johanna. She likes it, and so do I, to some extent. It’s a pretty game, but what do you expect from Michael Menzel? The man knows his trade. The mechanics work as well — I suppose you can expect that from a Hippodice winner. The […]