Tag: Potion-making: Practise

  • RightGames, part 2

    Today I was able to test the other two games from the Russian board game publisher RightGames (see part 1 for the other two). Evolution: The Origin of Species is a fun card game, where players evolve animals by adding traits to them. Survival is of the essence: each winter the animals must eat. It […]

  • RightGames, part 1

    The Russian game company RightGames sent review copies to just about everybody, it seems. I got a set, and I’ve now played half of the games. So far I’m somewhat impressed. Potion-making: Practice is a fun game, where cards are both alchemiy ingredients and formulas that combine two or more ingredients into a potion. Cards […]

  • Recent games

    Some notes on recent games. First some new games I’ve tried. Schatz der Drachen (Knizia / Winning Moves) is a nice twist on a memory game. Works well and I enjoyed it. My son didn’t enjoy it quite as much, though. Excape (Knizia / Filosofia) is a horrible, frustrating game. It’s a simple die game […]