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  • Ostbahn, Lancaster, kids games

    Playing catch-up… I started working on the year review, but I have to get these out first. Since the previous post, I’ve had one game session with adults (last week I had to skip because of Christmas) and have played several interesting games with my son. Preußische Ostbahn. I noticed there was almost two years […]

  • Samarkand: Routes to Riches

    I missed the original Age of Scheme. Thus I was rather glad it got reprinted by Queen Games as Samarkand: Routes to Riches. It’s not just a pretty reprint like Chicago Express was, but rather a conversion of a demanding auction game to a German family game. Gone are the auctions, say hello to randomly […]

  • JunaCon: 1830, Preußische Ostbahn

    Yesterday I made a trip to Turku — two hours driving each direction — just to play two games. Crazy? Well, one of the games was a five-hour game of 1830. Still crazy? Well, I like being crazy that way. It was my first go at this most significant game in the 18xx family. We […]

  • Update on recent games

    I’ve been seriously busy writing my book and this blog is one of the things that has suffered. So, here’s a bit of an overview on recent gaming so you don’t feel all lonely and deserted here. I’ve played lots of kid’s games with Nooa. Das magische Labyrinth and Click Clack, mostly. I printed out […]

  • Gaming Year 2009

    Time for another of these yearly reports, huh (see the 2008 report). This was a fairly quiet year for games. Last year was really good, but we got the second kid this year (see Gaming impact of children)… So, from last year’s 284 plays to this year’s 130 plays and some very quiet time (just […]

  • Board game designs by Sampo Sikiö

    Sampo Sikiö did the really cool redesigns of Preußische Ostbahn and Wabash Cannonball, but it doesn’t stop there. Go take a look at some real talent! His Flickr photostream has more pictures of his work and also general photography, while his homebrew games portfolio displays more of his work with board games. The Winsome game […]

  • Thursday session: Preußische Ostbahn

    I visited today’s board game club session quickly. Petri and Hannu were free and easy to rope into playing Preußische Ostbahn. I had a bonus, too, as a friend of mine (Sampo Sikiö) had recently done a new, much prettier board for the game. It’s wicked cool, too, and makes playing the game a lot […]

  • Gaming year 2008

    So, how was the year? Pretty wild, if you ask me. (See Gaming Year 2007.) Good new games (2007-2008 games) Dominion — Well, I played 28 games of this, and most of them outside BrettSpielWelt. That’s a pretty nice number, considering how late this game arrived. Everybody likes it, or at least doesn’t mind playing […]

  • Thursday session: Preußische Ostbahn

    Yesterday’s main game was Preußische Ostbahn. We had four players this time and I was the only one with previous experience. Hannu won the game, though, with amazing score of 649 — I was second with 421! This time I counted the turns taken. I started with a triple turn — a modest start, indeed. […]

  • Helcon 2008 review, part 2: Preußische Ostbahn

    Continuing my Helcon review, see part 1 here, there’s also part 3 and part 4. Preußische Ostbahn. Another Historic Railroads System game from Winsome, fairly closely related to Wabash Cannonball. However, this one’s billed as “German family game”. Indeed, the game is a lot more gentle — yet still quite a challenge. This time the […]