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  • Ropecon 2014

    First day of Ropecon – the largest non-commercial game event in Europe – done. The con got an interesting twist last year, when I decided to involve my now eight-year-old son. Now we’re here again. We’ve focused on board games, as the other program of the con has been somewhat uninteresting (or unsuitable for him). He’s eight, […]

  • Ropecon 2013

    Ropecon, the largest non-profit roleplaying convention in Europe, was this weekend. I went there, again, as it’s part of my standard yearly con circuit, but this time I took my seven-year-old son with me. That meant less board games, but more other programme and a new view on things. It was fun! The highlight for […]

  • Ropecon + some more

    Ropecon was entertaining. Good games in good company, what else can you want? Some highlights: Nine-player Eclipse with the Rise of the Ancients expansion. Lovely. Took us slightly over three hours, too, which I think is pretty cool. Ok, so I may not play any more nine-player games – it’s a bit too much, and […]

  • Ropecon 2011

    I’ve been avoiding Ropecon for the last ten years or so, but since I missed both JunaCon and JyCon — both more interesting cons for various reasons — I decided to go for Ropecon this year. It’d be a day trip to Espoo, meaning two hours or so of driving both ways and about eight […]

  • Ropecon

    Ropecon 2005 is approaching fast. It’s the biggest roleplaying event in Finland and boasts a wide variety of board game events. There’s the Finnish Championships of Catan and Carcassonne, where the winners get to go to Essen to represent Finland in the World Championships (no, the plane tickets are not paid for). There’s also lots […]