Tag: Tantrix

  • The Games Journal

    Amazing issue of The Games Journal this month! Tom Vasel’s interview of Greg Aleknevicus has brought in an avalanche of material and I do hope that trend continues. I wonder what the bloggers will think of Lewis Pulsipher’s article The Classical and Romantic Game Playing Styles. I thought it was a nice way to put […]

  • Sunda to Sahul

    A guy called Don Bone was looking for playtesters for his new game Sunda to Sahul on the Spielfrieks list. I got interested without even checking the web site — come on, he was offering me a free board game! Now I’ve actually studied the game a bit from the web site, browsed through the […]

  • Tantrix preview

    I didn’t expect to play any games during the weekend (I was visiting my parents, as it’s my birthday next week), but my mother had a new Tantrix set which I had to try. It’s a game of connections. The hexagonal tiles feature coloured lines, three colours each. There’s a total of four colours in […]