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  • Toscana, Bamboleo, Arvuutin

    A nice session today! I started with a quick(ish) Nile with Petri — it’s still a pretty good two-player quickie, I actually like it quite a bit. I won, of course. First bigger game was Bamboleo, which has recently come out in Finnish. It’s a good-looking game and entertaining to watch. It’s also fun to […]

  • Arvuutin and Toscana

    Arvuutin is a new Finnish trivia game from Onni Games, the makers of Politix and Aether. This is a Finnish-only release, so I’ll keep this short: it’s a rather clever game, where everybody answers the questions simultaneously by playing number cards (all answers are numbers 1-100). Closest answer wins. Winner gets the question cards and […]