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  • Gaming Year 2012

    Another year gone. Good years keep on rolling – I rather enjoyed 2011, and have no complaints about 2012. My kids continued to be good playing company. My son is now six and half, and is ready for some proper family games. I started introducing him to card games, as well, and that worked well. […]

  • Zimbabwe, Trains, Love Letter

    When I get to play The Great Zimbabwe, Trains and Love Letter on the same day, I don’t complain. I still can’t win The Great Zimbabwe, though. This time I got the Builder + Gu combo and built some craftsmen, but it didn’t work out well. On the other hand, I did make good money with my craftsmen, so […]

  • Trains, Trick of the Rails and Love Letter

    Let’s try this crazy thing of posting about games as soon as I’ve played them. Who could come up with something like that? Last week we played Trains with the new Nagoya map. That was fun, so I half-joked about doing a Tampere map. Well, it didn’t take long before I was downloading a vector drawing software […]

  • Ropecon + some more

    Ropecon was entertaining. Good games in good company, what else can you want? Some highlights: Nine-player Eclipse with the Rise of the Ancients expansion. Lovely. Took us slightly over three hours, too, which I think is pretty cool. Ok, so I may not play any more nine-player games – it’s a bit too much, and […]

  • Two months of games

    Hello there! I thought I’d post an update before Ropecon starts. I’m going, again. Should be fun, this time I’ll stay for the night and won’t spend all my time playing one 18xx game. Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in June and July. Again, a small reminder: this blog has a G+ profile, which […]