Tag: Trivial Pursuit

  • Year metric

    I’ve been a fan of Matthew Gray’s month metric. Now I happened unto his Every year 2007 update, focusing on the year metric. I haven’t been bothering with that, believing I wouldn’t have many high-scoring games. Well, I thought, why not — it’s a simple thing to add to my game stats package. I was […]

  • Dos Rios

    Two new reviews up on the Finnish site: Dos Rios and Trivial Pursuit. Dos Rios is a brilliant example of a tactical minmax-game action point game. Every turn is a puzzle, where you must find the best way to use the action points you’re given to maximise your own score and minimise your opponents’ scores. […]

  • Christmas games — Karibik and Trivial Pursuit

    As the tradition goes, we played some board games during Christmas. Johanna likes relatively few games, so choosing good games can be tricky. However, this time it was easy. I had just received Karibik which seemed like a good game to play with her. Light and easy rules, some random elements and what’s perhaps most […]