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  • South African Railroads, Skat

    I’ve missed two previous Wednesdays (the whole days, simply gone, no sight of them), so I was very glad to be able to attend this week. Vacation hit this week, and lots of people were already playing by noon and we had eight people playing at the same time, which is unusually good. When I […]

  • Aether online

    First: today was a very good mail day. First delivery guy brought me 8.5 kilos of playing cards from Austria, then regular mail included Veld Railroads and then another delivery guy brought me my Deep Thought order (1846, 1889). Happy as a clam. The big news, however, is the new online version of Aether by […]

  • In search of railroads

    If anybody has a copy of Prairie Railroads, Veld Railroads or Pampas Railroads they’re willing to sell, please let me know. As if, but doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?