Tag: War of the Ring

  • Top 10: 2012 games in 2022

    Looking back at 2012, ten years later, it seems like a decent year. It wasn’t hard to come up with a top ten. My top 10: 10. Keyflower. This is an exciting mix of weird auctions and worker placement, and the game works rather well with the whole range from two to six players. That […]

  • Friday, day three: Games, games, games

    Here’s what happened yesterday: Today was the day! I went downstairs to use the hotel laptop to send my reports, which I did, and then headed back to the room. I glanced towards the dining room, and who did I see? Reiner Knizia, of course, and he was just leaving. As he wasn’t eating, I […]

  • New Geek feature

    The BoardGameGeek guys just keep on coming up with new features. Now they offer RSS feeds on individual games. The urls are in format http://www.boardgamegeek.com/gamexml/[gameid]. For example, here’s War of the Ring. I’m actually not sure if this is a new feature at all, but I just noticed it today myself. It’s a nice way […]