Tag: Winsome Games

  • Shopping – final list

    Here’s what I ended up getting this season: Winsome Essen set. Almost missed this, but fortunately everything’s now secure. I’m most interested in SNCF, which should be sweet, but Texas & Pacific is also interesting. West Riding Revisited less so, as I didn’t fancy the old West Riding and I don’t really need more long […]

  • Samarkand: Routes to Riches

    I missed the original Age of Scheme. Thus I was rather glad it got reprinted by Queen Games as Samarkand: Routes to Riches. It’s not just a pretty reprint like Chicago Express was, but rather a conversion of a demanding auction game to a German family game. Gone are the auctions, say hello to randomly […]

  • Cannes and Kansas Pacific

    I wouldn’t have chosen Cannes for four players, but it turned out that way and I’m surprised to report the game worked out just fine. It took us about an hour to play, with three newbies and my one-game experience. As seems to be the case, the game was over when the movies started to […]

  • First impression: Lokomotive Werks

    I got my copy of Lokomotive Werks a while ago and got it on the table today. It’s a 2002 Winsome title from Dieter Danziger. It’s been reprinted twice and I managed to get a copy of the most recent reprint. The game’s about building locomotives, but it could be about any technology, really. What […]

  • Update on recent games

    I’ve been seriously busy writing my book and this blog is one of the things that has suffered. So, here’s a bit of an overview on recent gaming so you don’t feel all lonely and deserted here. I’ve played lots of kid’s games with Nooa. Das magische Labyrinth and Click Clack, mostly. I printed out […]