• Two-player card games: Schnapsen, WYSIWYG

    I made a return to Schnapsen — I had tried it once before, about five years ago. It’s an extremely tight two-handed trick-taker. It’s an ace-ten game, played with a 20-card pack with all the non-scoring cards removed. It seems to be a game of memory: you must remember your own points and it certainly…

  • Thursday session: Tarot, Ubongo

    Yesterday’s session started with a quick round of Larry Levy’s WYSIWYG. It’s an advanced version of German Whist, a trick-taking game for two players. Players bid for the right to become a declarer and choose trumps. In the first phase players collect new cards to fill their hands with (two cards are shown, winner of…

  • The Games Journal

    New issue of The Games Journal is out. There’s articles about Germany, games with kids, educational games and Essen fair. Reviews include Trans America, Sleuth and Bang! There are rules to a game called WYSIWYG and of course, the letters (including a letter from yours truly!). Go read it, it’s excellent!