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  • Gaming year 2007

    Another year of games is soon over. Gaming year 2006 was good, but I think this one was even better! At least in quality, not necessarily in quantity… Good new games (2006-2007 games) Agricola — This year brought two very good games, worthy of top-10 or even top-5 spot on my personal ratings. Agricola is […]

  • Hot games for Q3/2007

    It has been a good quarter. With the new Thursday sessions I’ve had time to play more games, which is always good. I even made it to the Board Game Club. Previous quarter was a good one, too. Fairy Tale is definitely the hottest game, with 13 games played and thoroughly enjoyed. It’s certainly my […]

  • Thursday session: camels and cards

    Another Thursday session, this time with plenty of people: we had three games running at the same time. It was good, because that meant I was able to skip Bang!. Instead I played Yspahan. The game included two newbies and Olli, who has played about 500 games of the PC version. Now, guess the order? […]

  • Small session: Portobello Market, Der Elefant, Yspahan

    I met some guys at the university for games. We started off with Portobello Market, now with full set of four players. It’s clearly better with four than with two, that’s for sure. The one thing that defines the game is that it’s short. There just isn’t that much time, especially if you want to […]

  • Yspahan

    Yspahan reviewed in Finnish. Yspahan is a game of camels and trading from Ystari Games. The initial buzz over this one wasn’t that big, and I would’ve missed the game altogether based on that. However, Westpark Gamers did a brilliant Windows version of the game (see Yspahan for Windows website), which caused a lot more […]

  • Hot games for Q2/2007

    After a very slow quarter, I’m back with a bit more action. Phoenicia rules the list, after five online games. It’s good, and I’ll buy it as soon as it appears in Finland. Caylus Magna Carta — forget the board game, the card game has all the Caylus you’ll need and it’s packed in a […]

  • Yspahan for Windows

    I finally got around downloading Westpark Gamers PC version of Yspahan. It’s from the same guy who did the St. Petersburg PC version. It’s a good game. It took me few games to figure it out — since I was too lazy to read the rules properly — but after few rounds I got it. […]