En Garde

A new game review on my Finnish site: En Garde.

What I think of it?

Well, for a such an abstract game (it is indeed very simple), it captivates the feel of fencing quite well. Herr Knizia has done wonderful job, it’s perhaps his most successful theme ever.

The game is basically an exercise of card counting (easy, the deck has only 25 cards, five of each of numbers 1-5) and some psychology — the psychology aspect is familiar from real fencing.

It’s fast to play (few minutes per round, usually played as best of nine) and easy to teach. Somewhat luck-oriented, but still fun and doesn’t tax your brain too much. Too bad it’s out-of-print and hard to get, but on the lighter side, it’s very easy to make yourself. Just create the 25 cards and a fencing piste of 23 steps and there you go! You’ve made yourself a fun little fencing game.

A must for fencers and people interested in the sport, great 2-player filler for all of you.

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