Tag: fillers

  • Fairy Tale

    I wrote a review of Fairy Tale in Finnish. Fairy Tale is a drafting game with a very superficial fantasy theme. There are four rounds: in the beginning of each, five cards are dealt to the players. Each player takes one card and passes the rest to the next player. Of the four cards they […]

  • Celtica

    Review of Celtica in Finnish Celtica, a game by well-known designer duo Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling was published recently in Finland. I was curious to try the game; for background, I had read the less-than-favourable comments from the Geek, combined with Bruno Faidutti’s recommendation. The game certainly looks delicious, from the beautiful box cover […]

  • Rat Hot

    Rat Hot reviewed in Finnish. Rat Hot is a small two-player tile-laying game from Michael Schacht. It was previously web-published as Dschunke: das Legespiel, but this edition is from Queen Games and Rio Grande Games. The game is about merchants storing goods in a storage; they try to pack similar goods together for easy access. […]

  • Diabolo

    Here’s a review of Diabolo in Finnish. Diabolo is a light-weight card game from Michael Schacht, the designer of Coloretto, one of the more popular filler card games. Diabolo is a struggle between heaven and hell. Players play cards on the table trying to influence the five colours in game. Cards can be played on […]

  • Fjords

    Here’s a review of Fjords in Finnish. Fjords (or Fjorde) is a nice little two-player game about the vikings — however, this time the vikings are not burning and pillaging, they are farming and exploring! The game is divided in two phases. First players lay tiles to build a map and place farms on the […]

  • Flix Mix

    Another review up: Flix Mix (in Finnish). Flix Mix is one of my favourite speed games. Each player has an identical deck of 16 cards, all featuring six dots sporting different colours. The goal of the game is to get rid of cards by laying them on the table. There’s just one limitation: each card […]

  • Fettnapf

    First of the Essen games reviewed! A Finnish review of Fettnapf is up on the Finnish site. I went to the fair looking for a good Amigo card game. I had tagged Fettnapf and played it the first chance I got. It wasn’t a disappointment, but a rather pleasing little game. It’s basically a game […]

  • Thursday, day two: Shopping for games

    The morning started off quite well. We were having breakfast, when I suddenly noticed a familiar-looking gentleman in a salmon-coloured shirt: herr Knizia! I wasn’t quite brave enough to go talk to him, but maybe I’ll ask for his signature tomorrow, as I now have a game to ask it to. It would be neat […]

  • Monumento, High Society

    Monumento was the last game I reviewed on the old site and High Society is the first one on the new. Monumento (or Make’n’Break) is a very simple dexterity game. The player in turn takes ten large colourful wooden blocks and a deck of cards. When the timer is started, he or she turns up […]

  • Land Unter

    Man, I’m in the zone now. I just wrote another review, this time of Dorra’s card game Land Unter. Land Unter is a clever little card game. The basic mechanism is a simultaneous trick-taking game, where the two highest cards collect two water level cards. Water level cards are a mixed blessing, as each turn […]