New season, new exchange students. I sent an ad for our board game club to the exchange student mailing list at the University yesterday. The results are good! I have already received about five or six interested e-mails. None have yet replied to my follow-up questions about their gaming experience — I’m curious about the two Germans who have contacted me.

I made some research amongs the people who visit the club, did an online form. As a result, we’ve adding a second meeting each month. Let’s see what happens… Unfortunately I can still attend only one meeting, because the other meeting is on Saturdays. I’d rather spend my Saturdays with my girlfriend — gaming is more suitable on Sunday afternoons.

Last Spring we had quite steady attendance, about 15-20 gamers each time. The True Gamer segment of the crowd has grown a bit, perhaps. At least I’m not the only one who has games — actually I have been beaten by the dual personality known as the Kajaste brothers who have (or one of them has; I’m not completely sure about that) a ton of games. But I’m not jealous — I’m just happy to play all those new games without having to pay for them!

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