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The profile project moves on. I got a list of game names from Aaron Fuegi’s great Top 100 list, so that’s one thing less to do. Thanks to Aaron!

First move is to get the games graded. I’ve been working on that today. The first version of the form is out there for you to take a look at. It doesn’t work yet, but you’ll see what it looks like.

What I need to know now is what you think about the categories and the descriptions. If you have suggestions to make them better (grammatically more correct, more clear, anything), please comment.

Everyone who wishes to describe the games will get a userid and the system will store the game profiles by username. When the system updates it’s database, it will count an average (or take the mode) of the various profiles. That way corrupting the database is more difficult (not that I worry much about it) and people can change the profiles they’ve entered in case they make mistakes or change their minds.

So, what do you think? Are the descriptions good? Is having seven options ok? Is 20 a good amount of games to show on one page? Any comments are welcome.

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3 responses to “Request for comments”

  1. Those who are interested in the project and want to rate games, can go to and register themselves. In theory you can also rate games, but please don’t — I’d hate to delete your entries if the format changes or whatever. Giving me feedback speeds up the stabilization!
    Oh, by the way, I did some maths and think that the 7-step scale is right. The current list has about 3300 games. We can expect that the extremes, 1 and 7, won’t be used much. So, we’ll have a 5-step scale. 5^5 = 3125, that matches nicely with the 3300 games. If I’m not completely wrong, in theory the ratings shouldn’t clutter up a lot. Hopefully.

  2. What kind of a gamer are you?

    From GameBlog (“Recording the gory details of the gaming life of Mikko Saari.”), a Gameblog: Gamer profiling system. I’ve graded